Field Trip Kits

Each Field Trip Kit will take students through standards-based, interactive activities while they explore Sunset Zoo. Each kit includes a list of relevant vocabulary terms that can be extended into the classroom and beyond. Then, students are guided through a grade-specific math lesson featuring the animals at the zoo, a scientific observation of animal structures or behavior, an environmental or themed literacy activity, and an opportunity to compose their own original writing about their zoo experience!

In each kit, chaperones and teachers can expect to find a brochure with directions and suggestions for the supervising adult. For students, there will be laminated and reusable activity sheets, lesson materials, dry erase markers, and eco-friendly clipboards. Each kit contains enough materials for five students and a supervising adult.

Field Trip kits are $6 each or as an add-on to a class trip for $25.

Click through the tabs below to see how a Field Trip Kit can extend your classroom into the Zoo!

  1. PreK
  2. Kdg
  3. 1st
  4. 2nd
  5. 3rd
  6. 4th
  7. 5th

With the Pre-K Field Trip Kit, students will visit the leopards after counting animals and learn about observation as they visit the pelicans and act out their behavior. Students will search for letters in animal names and visit the nature play area to practice writing letters and words with unconventional, natural materials.

Pre-K Standards