ZOOCasso Animal Art

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Commission your own unique, one-of-a-kind abstract artwork piece created by the animal residents at Sunset Zoo.

Proceeds benefit the animal enrichment fund. Enrichment keeps the animals engaged, happy and healthy. Pick from an array of non-toxic, animal-safe paint colors and three canvas sizes. 

Ready-to-buy animal art canvases and and animal ornaments are available in the gift shop year-round. 

Available paints colors (non-toxic, animal-safe):

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple Pink Black Brown

Available animal species:

Anaconda Duck, Asian Small-clawed Otter, Ball Python, Chimpanzee, Common Boa Constrictor (11x14 canvas size only), Domestic Ferret, Flamingo, Giant Anteater, Guinea Pig, Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, Virginia Opossum, Red Panda 

Animal art examples Animal art examples

Download the ZOOCasso pick-up order form here! Or purchase via your CivicRec account. 

For questions, call Sunset Zoo at 785-587-2737. 

Canvas frame and framing glass not included. Allow 4-8 weeks for art production. Allow 3-10 shipping days after processing. Pick- up and delivery (within continental United States) option available online through Civic Rec.  Buyer will be notified of artwork production, processing, and shipping. Animal availability subject to change due to health care needs. One commissioned ZOOCasoo per transaction. Separate transactions required for multiple orders. Other restrictions may apply.