Zoo Parent Program

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Become a Zoo Parent TODAY!

Caring for animals and their habitats is central to Sunset Zoo's mission. A trained and dedicated staff provides the best care possible through a commitment to the health and well-being of the animals. 

When you choose to become a Zoo Parent, you'll share the care. In addition to contributing to their daily care, you are also helping conservation efforts within the zoo and around the world.

Zoo Parent Table details packages and levels

Friend package is DIGITAL ONLY. All elements of the package will be delivered via email listed on application.  

Caregiver, Partner and Guardian are SHIPPED or PICKED UP in the ticket booth.**

  • Adoption Letter: personalized letter congratulating you on your Zoo Parent adoption.

  • Adoption Certificate: certificate that states that you are a Zoo Parent.

  • Bio Facts Sheet: information about your adoptive animals species. 

  • Picture: a printed 4x6 picture of your adopted animal. 

  • Name on Website: you will be listed on our "Zoo Parent" webpage next to the animal you have adopted along with your giving level.

  • Gift Shop Voucher: Caregiver level will receive $10, Partner level will receive $15, and Guardian level will receive $25 to be used in the Sunset Zoo gift shop. Valid on Sunset Zoo's Gift Shop merchandise during regular business hours, surrendered at time of use, voucher total $10 amount must be redeemed in single transaction, applied to time of purchase, prior to sales tax. No credit or change will be given on the unused portion of the voucher. Cannot be applied or combined with other zoo services or fees, not redeemable for cash, void if reproduced, altered, copies, scanned, or sold.

  • Note from Keepers: the Zoo Keeper staff will sign a "Thank You" card. 

  • Family Zoo Pass: single-use zoo admission coupon for up to five guests. 

  • Exhibit Meet & Greet: a unique behind the scenes experience, for up to five guests, to your adoptive animals habitat.*

*Based on keeper schedules, animal wellbeing and exhibit structure. Each 30 minute experience will differ. You must follow the keepers orders. Two week advanced notice required to book.

**Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing and shipping if you choose the shipping option. Pick up in ticket booth after you receive an email confirmation that it's ready during normal operating hours.


  • American White Pelican / Dinsdale
  • American White Pelican / Doug
  • Amur Leopard / Annika 
  • Amur Leopard / Chobby
  • Amur Leopard / Vladimir 
  • Asian Small-clawed Otter / Abigail
  • Asian Small-clawed Otter / Jilin
  • Cheetah / Donald
  • Chimpanzee / Hazina
  • Chimpanzee / Hususa 
  • Chimpanzee / Julian 
  • Chimpanzee / Nkurukoto "Koto"
  • Chimpanzee / Susie
  • Colobus Monkey / Azizi 
  • Colobus Monkey / Bobby
  • Emu / Buttons
  • Emu / Jiminy 
  • Giant Anteater / Angelica 
  • Giant Anteater / Caliente
  • Malayan Tiger / Hakim 
  • Malayan Tiger / Indrah
  • Maned Wolf / Mya
  • Red Panda / Loofa
  • Ring-tailed Lemur / Nora
  • Ring-tailed Lemur / Oscar 
  • Sloth Bear / Molly
  • Sloth Bear / Tess
  • Spotted Hyena / Nia
  • Western Gray Kangaroo / Boomer
  • Western Gray Kangaroo / Sox
  • Western Gray Kangaroo / Zest 
  • White-handed Gibbon / Leslie 
  • White-handed Gibbon / Neta 
  • White-handed Gibbon / Tucker 

All sales are final; Zoo Parent is nonrefundable and nontransferable. In the event of an animal transfer or passing, the recipient on the application for the GUARDIAN level will be contacted to choose another animal if the meet & greet experience is not complete. Multiple people can sponsor the same animal.