Construction Progress

Construction of Expedition Asia, new exhibits for Amur Leopards, Sloth Bears, and Mayalan Tigers began in October of 2021 and will continue at Sunset Zoo through September of 2021. Throughout this process, you will begin to see our Zoo transform into providing state of the art living areas for these amazing animals as well as provide some added features for our guests and members. 

Beyond incredible up-close exhibits for these animals, the project will feature an Overlook Viewing Deck as well as make this area of the Zoo completely ADA accessible for all of our guests and members. 

We along with our construction partners KBS Constructors will provide you a brief update on this page of the progress of the project. 

October - Excavation of the footprint of the entire project began. The earthwork was done and old exhibit areas were demolished. Historical areas of exhibits that could be saved were kept. Animals in this area were also moved to other holding exhibit areas that are outside of public viewing. Trees were removed as needed. 

November - Continued excavation occurred along with the placement of new utilities for each area of the exhibits. Earthwork continued to occur for new exhibits. 

December - In December new dirt will begin to appear and concrete footings of the new exhibits will begin to appear. 

Below are a few photos of the beginning stages of the process this fall. We will continue to update this page as we can with the progression of the project. 

During our current construction phase, the entire lower tier of the Zoo is closed to the public for safety reasons. We appreciate your patience as we improve Sunset Zoo. Click here to see a map of closed areas of the zoo and COVID-19 guidelines during this time at Sunset Zoo. 
Project Board
Construction October 20 4
Construction October 20 4
October Construction 1
October Construction 5