DIY Investigations for Field Trips

Self-Led Exploration Perfect for Field Trips

Sunset Zoo's Do-It-Yourself Investigations are the perfect compliment to your next Zoo field trip. Aligned to the intent behind the Kansas College and Career Readiness Standards for Science, these grade-specific investigations for K-5th grade classes utilizes the Zoo's animal exhibits to bring to life a variety of science and math concepts. The investigations are designed to work as an individual student activity or as a group activity facilitated by chaperones. We've integrated science practices, core ideas and math concepts into each investigation. All D.I.Y Investigations are available to download for free below.

Downloadable Guides By Grade

Kindergarten D.I.Y. Investigation
Grade 3 D.I.Y. Investigation
Grade 1 D.I.Y. Investigation
Grade 4 D.I.Y. Investigation
Grade 2 D.I.Y. Investigation
Grade 5 D.I.Y. Investigation