Chacoan Peccary

Chacoan PeccaryPhoto by Alan Henry

Scientific Name: Catagonus wagneri

The Chacoan Peccary has special adaptations for the dry conditions of the Chaco, including large nasal sinuses to prevent dust inhalation and slim legs for easier access through dense forests.

  • Size: Weight: 65 to 88 pounds; Head to body length: 35 to 43 inches; Tail length: 1 to 4 inches
  • Diet: Cacti, fruit, roots and herbs. To obtain essential minerals they lick and eat mineral-rich soil from naturally occurring salt licks
  • Habitat: Areas of low rainfall and high temperature, restricted to the driest parts of the Gran Chaco terrain
  • Range in the Wild: Dry Chaco of Western Paraguay, Southeastern Bolivia and Northern Argentina

Conservation Status

Listed as Endangered. Rapidly declining population due to habitat loss and over-hunting.

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