Planned Giving Opportunities

Leave Your Legacy at Manhattan's Sunset Zoo

The Sunset Zoological Park and Wildlife Conservation Trust (Sunset Zoo Trust) was created in 1992 to foster the future of Sunset Zoo and provide a means for planned giving. The Sunset Zoo Trust provides many options for individuals to support Sunset Zoo and keep it a vital part of the Manhattan community.

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Tax-Deductible Gifting Options Through the Trust

Each of these giving options have tax implications. We strongly encourage you to consult your tax or legal advisor when making decisions about giving to the Sunset Zoological Park and Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Gifts through Wills

Give to Sunset Zoo in lasting way beyond your usual contributions. You may indicate the Sunset Zoo Trust as a beneficiary in your will, gifting a defined sum of money, a particular piece of property, or a percentage of your estate. It is not necessary to rewrite your will, a simple addition with the help of your legal advisor will suffice.

Life Insurance Policies

Existing policy - Many individuals purchase life insurance policies to provide financial support for loved ones that eventually become unnecessary. Making this policy a gift to the Sunset Zoo Trust is a great opportunity to support the zoo in a meaningful way. Making this gift also allows you to claim a tax deduction equal to the policy's replacement value.

New policy - This opportunity allows you to purchase a policy designating the Sunset Zoo Trust as the owner and beneficiary. Your annual premiums are tax-deductible.

Gift Annuities

A gift annuity is created by making a gift of cash or securities to the Sunset Zoo Trust which, in turn, agrees to pay a yearly income for life. A portion of the annuity payments remain tax-free, and the donor is entitled to an income tax deduction in the year they create the gift.

Life Income Trust

You may create a charitable trust by transferring cash, securities, or other property to a trustee which will pay yearly income to you for life. Upon death of the donor, the individual can choose the Sunset Zoo Trust as the beneficiary of their trust amount.

Memorial Program

Sunset Zoo Trust welcomes memorial gifts of all sizes to provide a lasting remembrance of loved ones. Undesignated gifts are set aside for specific zoo improvements that are planned for the future. Designated memorials can be made for conservation or scientific study, education, animal purchase, and master plan development.

More Information

Download the Trust's Planned Giving Brochure. To learn more about your options, please contact the Zoo's Development Officer, at (785) 587-2737 or by email.