Plan Your Visit to Sunset Zoo

Named Best Zoo in Kansas by Yahoo Travel

Home to over 200 unique animals – from anteaters to wallabies – Sunset Zoo in Manhattan, KS, offers up-close views of unique animals, including wallabies, leopards, otters, and a jumping, hooting array of primates. Accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, Sunset Zoo is committed to the highest level of animal care and guest experience.

Getting to the Zoo & When You Arrive

Once You're Inside the Park

We are a Hilly Park!

The Flint Hills are certainly reflected in Sunset Zoo's terrain! While beautiful, it does make for steep hills in some areas; please plan accordingly when visiting. The Zoo is wheelchair accessible. However, the inclines near the gibbon exhibit / the entrance to the Asian Trail are steep. Utilize the ADA-accessible pathway at Expedition Asia for better navigation. 

Kansas Fall Weather 

With the Kansas fall weather upon us, the weather can be unpredictable. Warm and cool days are possible. Water fountains are accessible in the gift shop, attached to the concession stand, and in the Nature Exploration Center. Vending machines are available year-round with cold drinks throughout the park. 

In either temperature swing, animals will have access to warm or cool dens and may not be viewable at all times. Animals stay warm in cooler months with heated floors, heaters, and extra bedding. During the hot days, they will have additional access to indoor cooled areas, water, misters, and filled pools. 

During these changing seasons, we encourage guests to visit in the morning during hot weather and early afternoon during the cooler weather season. 

Animal Feedings

Due to USDA and AZA regulations, the bird feeders are no longer accessible until further notice. There are Sulcata Tortoise feedings every Saturday at Sunday from 1:30-2:30 p.m. in the Wild Wonders Room and Keeper Chats every weekend.