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Mar 25

[ARCHIVED] Nom, nom, nom. Let's eat.

The original item was published from March 25, 2016 1:46 PM to March 25, 2016 1:47 PM

By Ella Casey, Assistant Zoo Director

photos courtesy of Autumn Shoemaker of we chase the light

We are pretty pumped around here…the pups are eating solid puppy food (consistently) this week! When you are a seven-week-old puppy – wolf or Labrador – the introduction of solid food into your eating schedule means several big things. One, you’re maturing and growing up, which means reduced chances of accidentally coughing down your formula and the breathing issues that can often result. This certainly eases all of our minds.

Fin the maned wolf
It also brings independence. Eating on your own, at your leisure. I don’t know about you, but being able to grab a snack on my own time is one of those adult perks that I try to always appreciate. Some days you just want that scoop of ice cream. At 9pm. Not that we're feeding ice cream to pups, that's a no go. But it's that sweet taste of a little freedom, you know?

This milestone is also exciting for our pup’s caregivers. Human parents, you know where we're going here...around-the-clock feedings have stopped! While I know our staff will miss it (to a degree), being able to leave a little puppy food out for the long evening stretch is a big victory for their sleep schedules.

Matty the Labrador pup

So a typical pup day means a yummy formula/ground dry food bottle first thing in the AM, solid food at lunch, another bottle around dinner and then a bowl of dry food for those midnight snack attacks.

Matty, the Labrador pup is enjoying a dry food formulated especially for pups.

Matty getting a bottle

Fin is rockin’ out a ground-up Maned wolf chow. It’s what adult Maned wolves eat at the Zoo; it has a lower protein content than normal dog food, which means it’s easier on their kidneys.

Fin receiving a bottle

The other excitement this week has been RUNNING…outside. Matty and Fin are loving the spring weather and sun-filled playtime.

Fin and Matty playing outside

Although Fin is still pretty skittish about things (a Maned wolf trait).

Fin the maned wolf

Matty romps around with never-ending puppy energy.

Fin and Matty playing outside

During one of their midday excursions, Matty and Fin found themselves in a bed of sprouting iris. It’s like a jungle in their little pup world.

Fin playing in irises

The adventure quickly turned into a discovery of new smells…

Fin and Matty playing

Playful biting…

Fin and Matty playing

And of course, hide and seek.

playing hide and seek

Until next week friends!