Week 10 Actions

Knowledge is Power

Zoos, like Sunset Zoo, that are accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) are dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and wild places.  By visiting any AZA accredited zoo or aquarium, you are taking action.  At an AZA accredited facility, not only do you have an opportunity to donate to conservation causes, you also have the opportunity to learn about the numerous conservation initiatives each facility supports.  For the last week of the Earth Day 50 for 50 challenge, we challenge your family to visit a recently reopened AZA accredited zoo or aquarium, like Sunset Zoo.  Don’t forget to post a photo of your visit, mention which zoo or aquarium you visited, and tag it with #SunsetZoo5050.

Change a "Throw Away" Habit

As the pandemic continues to impact us all, take a break from the indoors with your family by going on a picnic.  While you are packing up for your picnic, leave behind all the disposable dishes.  Bring an extra bag or container for all your dirty dishes so you can wash them at home later.  Share a picture of your family picnic using non-disposable dinnerware and utensils using #SunsetZoo5050.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Vehicles account for a large portion of our individual carbon footprint.  One thing you can do is bike or walk to work.  This daily activity will take a large bite out of your overall impact on carbon emissions.  Use #SunsetZoo5050 to share a photo of your walk or bike ride to work.

Support Wildlife

We challenge you and your family to join the #TrashTag movement and keep your neighborhood/city litter free.  All you need to do is grab some trash bags from your house, and head out on a family walk.  Pick up trash as you go, and snap a photo of all the trash you collect.  Then, post your photo using #TrashTag and #SunsetZoo5050.  You can also download the Litterati app, and post a photo of you using it.  Let’s help our local wildlife by keeping our outdoors clean!

Our Purchasing Power

Connecting with last week’s challenge, this week we challenge you to purchase secondhand clothes.  This can be through an online marketplace or a local secondhand store, like Goodwill or Salvation Army.  Don’t forget to share your great finds that you’re giving a second life to by using #SunsetZoo5050.