Week 5 Actions

Knowledge is Power

Sunset Zoo has been a partner of Movies on the Grass for many years, sharing documentaries on wildlife and conservation issues.  Any one of those documentaries would be a great place to start.  Visit their website to see this list of documentaries.  In addition, one of Sunset Zoo’s international conservation partners, Wildlife SOS, is currently being featured on Nat Geo Wild in the series Jungle Animal Rescue.  Don’t forget to share your reviews on social media using #SunsetZoo5050.

Change a "Throw Away" Habit

Another week, another single use plastic challenge.  When purchasing produce at a grocery store, you wash it before you eat it.  Thus, placing it in a single use plastic bag is more of a convenience than anything else.  Try skipping the single use plastic bag the next time you go to the grocery store.  If you’re hesitant, taking small steps toward behavior change is the best place to start.  Thus, start with those fruits and veggies you peel or toss the outer layer.  Don’t forget to document your steps using #SunsetZoo5050.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Shop local to reduce your carbon footprint.  With today’s pandemic, buying local not only supports the local community it also supports the environment.  Share your favorite places to buy local using #SunsetZoo5050.

Support Wildlife

While much has changed thus far in 2020, conservation issues still persist.  Those organizations working day in and day out to save wildlife and wild places still need our support.  We encourage you to support those organizations also supported by Sunset Zoo, like Wildlife SOS or the Zoo Conservation Outreach Group.  If you already have a favorite conservation organization, feel free to support them during this challenge.  Just share who you support using #SunsetZoo5050, and encourage others to do the same.

Our Purchasing Power

When purchasing items, you need to think about more than just the ingredients to help protect wildlife.  You should also consider the packaging used.  This week, we challenge you to do just that.  Instead of purchasing soap in a plastic container, purchase bar soap.  The packaging of many is much less harmful to the environment.  Share your switch with #SunsetZoo5050.