Sunset Zoological Park & Wildlife Conservation Trust

Providing a Long-Term Future for Sunset Zoo

The Sunset Zoological Park and Wildlife Conservation Trust (Sunset Zoo Trust) was created in 1992 to foster the future of Sunset Zoo and provide a means for planned giving. The Sunset Zoo Trust provides many options for individuals to support Sunset Zoo and keep it a vital part of the Manhattan community.

The Zoo Trust is a not-for-profit organization and supports the Zoo through long-term investments. The volunteer organization manages over $400,000 in assets. An executive board oversees the organization and meets monthly. The full membership meets quarterly at 5:30pm on the last Monday of the month inside the Nature Exploration Center at the Zoo's entryway. Meetings are open to the public.

2017 Trust Members

Nancy Knopp, President
Bev Fulton, Vice President
Janet Cooper, Secretary
Larry Fox, Treasurer
Mimi Balderson, Member at Large
Dale Bradley, Member at Large
Steve Berland, Member at Large
Doug Wiley, Member at Large
Fred Hasler, Member at Large

Stephen & Deloris Berland, Barbara & Jerry Boettcher, Susanne Bradley, David & Mary Carter, Steve Cooper, John & Bonnie DeVore, Nancy & Joe Farrar, Peggy Flouer, Marilyn Fox, Rick Fulton, Bob & Lynne Haines, Terry & Ann Harts, Kathy Hasler, Joleen Hill, Chuck Jackson, Ron & Jan Janasek, Scott & Stephanie Johnson, Joe Knopp, Jon & Kathy Murdock, Kevin & Jenny Murdock, Martha Ann Olson, John & Tari Piskac, Sharon & Joe Reilly, Chuck & Sue Rice, Bob & Elaine Shannon, Joan Shull, John & Marlyn Walters, Jerry & Linda Weis