Spotted Hyena

Spotted HyenaPhoto by Michael Marish

Scientific Name: Crocuta crocuta

Although thought to be sly and cowardly, hyenas are actually highly intelligent with a unique social system. Even though they look more like dogs, they are actually more similar to cats like lions and cheetahs.

  • Size: Weight: Males 99 to 132 pounds, females 120 to 154 pounds; Head-to-body length: Average 51 inches; Shoulder height: 28 to 36 inches; Tail length: 11 to 14 inches
  • Diet: Birds, mammals, fish, eggs, carrion and occasionally fruits and plants
  • Habitat: Able to live in many habitats, including semi-desert, savanna and open woodland, dense dry woodland and even mountain habitats
  • Range in the Wild: Found in Africa, typically south of the Sahara

Conservation Status

Listed as Least Concern. They are widespread in Africa with the total population exceeding 10,000.

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