Friends of Sunset Zoo's Conservation Team

We live in a beautiful world, but it’s one where many animal species and whole eco-systems are endangered; we in and around Manhattan are determined to roll-up our sleeves and do our part.

FOSZ Conservation Fund

Overseen by the Friends of Sunset Zoo's (FOSZ) Conservation Team, the Fund works to expand the impact of Sunset Zoo's participation in wildlife conservation beyond Zoo walls. The Fund provides financial support to a range of local, regional, national and global conservation efforts and supports smaller high-potential entrepreneurial efforts, something which we believe reflects the spirit of the Manhattan/Flint Hills community. Individuals can do their tax-deductible conservation giving through FOSZ (a 501c3 organization), helping advance Sunset Zoo in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the "world's largest conservation organization." Interested in donating to the Fund? Contact the FOSZ's Conservation Team.

FOSZ Conservation Team

Through the FOSZ Conservation Team, we're able to extend the impact of Sunset Zoo through participation in field conservation projects. We do this through fund-raising and hands-on participation, like sending a team to assist in the black-footed ferret survey in western Kansas. Membership on the FOSZ Conservation Team is open to any FOSZ member.